Faculty Materials

My future research program is driven by an interest in the cognitive and neural mechanisms that allow for flexibility in our decision-making strategies. My long-term research goals are to study: 1) the strategies humans apply to decision-making, 2) how these are implemented by the brain, and 3) how neurological disorders disrupt behavior and brain processes. I apply a diverse set of tools that combine theory with advanced data analytic techniques of human behavioral responses and human brain recordings. My complementary teaching interests are focused on making interdisciplinary computational and biological work more accessible to students from a variety of educational backgrounds. These goals are supported by: 1) my graduate work that used computational models and human neural recordings to the study of focal epilepsy, 2) my postdoctoral work that compares human behavior to computational models to understand how humans adapt their cognitive strategies to their environment, and 3) my experience teaching calculus and computational neuroscience courses. Overall, my goal is promote a holistic approach to mentoring and teaching that can support interdisciplinary research in cognitive computational neuroscience.